Internet of Things

Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC)

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Moving towards a more sustainable construction industry is a goal long voiced equally by industry and academia around the globe. Certainly, the environmental, social, and economic impact of construction is significant and sometimes irreversible. In Australia, at a time of accelerating climate-change challenges, actions related to sustainable construction strategies are essential. In the era of Industry 4.0, making use of advanced technology in the construction industry can potentially support all three aspects of sustainability. It is anticipated that digitization of the construction industry with technologies such as Blockchain, will enable the adoption of smarter, safer, and sustainable future practices.

Sustainability through Digitalisation, where its purpose was to open a conversation to rethink digital transformation for sustainability amidst the global pandemic. In keeping with the emergent term, ‘The Great Reset’ coined by the World Economic Forum, this Roundtable aimed to provide a platform to discuss technology-inspired ways to improve construction industry performance, while facilitating environmental, social and economic sustainability.


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