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IOT are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks says Avast

Security software provider Avast predicts that all devices running on the concept of ‘Internet of Things’ are vulnerable to cyber attacks in coming years. The company suggests that this could spell a digital doom if we humans fail to find a solution for such cyber attacks.

Avast says that IOT devices aren’t just in homes, but are in vehicles, businesses, factories, health care centers and more. Thus, they form an integral part of the modern society which makes them even more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Vincent Steckler, the CEO of Avast said in a recent media briefing that as routers and internet gateways are susceptible to cyber attacks; it exposes all connected devices connected to them to hackers. This includes appliances, vehicles and more.

Steckler added that the recent Wanna cry attack has made everyone revisit their security protocols. The threat level increased when a chain of hospitals and emergency centers in the UK were frozen and remained inoperable due to the attack.

According to Gartner, by 2020, we humans will be using a billion connected devices and this includes connected cars and other sorts of transportation mediums.

What if an attack such as Wanna cry takes place and makes all these transportation mediums inoperable or operable as per our desire…? It can put our lives into danger….isn’t it?

So, does that mean, we should avoid the technology of IOT or be scared of it?

Absolutely not says Mr. Steckler. He added that we should just educate ourselves on how to use the technology in the right way. And if this is done efficiently and through proper channel, the threat of cyber attacks on IOT can be mitigated to a large extent.

Agree or not?

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      October 31, 2017

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      October 31, 2017

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